The site for the Association of Greek Language and Culture Schools in Victoria. We’re catering for the largest group of students who are taught the Greek language in Victoria.
The Association was registered in July 2018 however it was in existence for many years prior to that date. 


The general aims of the Association are to promote Greek Language and Culture in Victoria. To co-operate with all other parallel associations and institutions. To conform with the Department of Education and Training rules and regulations. We are an association providing professional assistance to members, not an authority managing our members.

Specifically to:

  1. Promote and support the Greek language and culture within the general Australian community.
  2. Unite, represent and support the member educational associations in their role in providing effective teaching of the Greek language and culture.
  3. Cooperate with all relevant government institutions of Australia and Greece. Also cooperate with all ethnic community organisations in order to enhance the provision of the Greek language and culture.
  4. Organise common inter-school events, athletic and cultural in a spirit of co-operation and acceptance for the benefit of community families and students.
  5. Assist member associations in accessing any grants and complying with the relevant regulations.
  6. Provide a single entity contact point to Education Department’s and government regulatory bodies


Members of the Association are:

  • Any educational institution who supports the purposes of the Association is eligible for membership after paying the prescribed membership fee and abiding by the rules of the Association.
  • All member schools comprising the Committee of the Association are not-for-profit incorporated associations recognised by the relevant authorities in education.
  • Members need to be current with their annual subscriptions as defined by the Executive and the Constitution. 
  • To get a copy of the Association’s Constitution please contact us.


The Executive Committee consists of—

(a) a President; and
(b) a Vice-President; and
(c) a Secretary and
(d) a Treasurer; and
(e) ordinary members (if any) elected under rule 53 of the Association’s  Constitution

All positions in the Committee are annually revised and all members have the right to be elected into office at the AGM.


Our Greek Language & Culture Schools Community (GLACS) covers all areas of Melbourne CBD and the suburbs. Please see maps below for locations:

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