Greek Grammar

To the educator

The following links will take you to the pages where different parts of the Greek Grammar are explained and fun exercises are being provided for students if you wish to use them. These exercises have not been constructed by GLACS but by a large number of educators and schools learning the Greek language around the globe. All these lessons have been put together for the benefit of all member schools in the Greek Language and Culture Schools Association.

There are normally two levels for each module: Level 1 where the very basic forms of the Greek Grammar is explained and simple exercises are provided (recommended for intermediate students perhaps at years 4 to 6 of Primary School), and Level 2 where students that are advanced can be taught and assessed at their own pace and times a more involved part of the grammar section.

If any educator has the time and is willing to help we can enhance these lessons and subdivide them further in order to cover not only a wider spectrum of the teaching of the Greek language levels, but also provide specific exercises for specific topics. Furthermore I am willing to run a seminar or two in showing educators how to make use of these wonderful tools now present on the Internet that make Greek language teaching fun and are a favourite of students.

Additionally I would like to note that for each lesson there is a page in the English language with translations, but also a page in the Greek language. To choose what language is appropriate for each class/educator needs (Greek or English) please use the appropriate flag that appears on this website depicting the right language lessons. So for Greek click on the Greek flag, for English with explanations please click on the Australian flag that appears everywhere.

Iakovos Garivaldis OAM

Greek Grammar Lessons and Exercises

  1. Numerals (Αριθμητικά)

  2. Articles (Άρθρα)

  3. Adjectives (Επίθετα)

  4. Adverbs (Επιρρήματα)

  5. Nouns (Ουσιαστικά)

  6. Verbs (Ρήματα)

    – Assisting verbs “έχω” ¨είμαι”

    – Verbs ending in (Ρήματα σε) -ίζω

    – Verbs endingin (Ρήματα σε) -αίνω

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