Mavraganis Greek School – Knoxfield

Mavraganis Greek Language & Culture School Inc
Levels: Preps – VCE
Every Wednesday from 4:45pm – 8:30pm
Campus: Mt Waverley Primary School
36 Solomon Street, Mt Waverley
Information: 97535408 – 0427004033

Mavraganis greek language school

The Greek Language and Culture School Mavraganis, was established in 1976 and is recognised by the Department of Education and Training in Victoria. It is a not-for-profit organisation and has a specific code provided by the Education Department in Greece for the supply of Greek language schoolbooks.

The School started operating after a six year period when the Mavraganis couple (Vlasis and Nelly) worked for the Greek Orthodox Community of Richmond as teachers. It is important to note that during that time Mr George Foundas, the previous President of the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne, provided his house facilities where classrooms could be held, on account that day schools would not provide their facilities to the Community Schools.

The Mavraganis School has operated in Kew, Richmond, Box Hill, Balwyn and Burwood. Now for many years it operates in the Mt. Waverly Primary School building at 36 Solomon Street, Mt Waverley every Wednesday from 4:45pm-8:30pm and has classes from Preps to VCE.

The functions o community spirit, national pride and faith constitute the basis of teaching at Mavraganis Greek Language and Culture School.


A great deal of importance has been placed on Drama classes throughout the years and Mavraganis Greek School is the only Community school who performed in Athens and received awards from the Department of Culture in Greece. The Greek newspaper in Melbourne “Neos Kosmos” titled an article describing the journey Mavraganis Greek Language School is taking students with “A historic journey”, on account that it was the first Greek language school that travelled to Greece twice, in 1995 and 1996 to perform a theatrical play.

For this reason the MGLS was awarded the Golden Mask of God Dionysos in Thasos, the only Greek language school from the Diaspora to participate. The Hellenic Association in Melbourne also awarded the MGLS with the Merit Award in Letters in 1996. Also in 2008 the Mavraganis couple were awarded by the John Brumby government for its performance in teaching LOTE.

Mr V. Mavraganis is a founding member of the Association of Greek Language & Culture Schools in Victoria and a Secretary until about two years ago. He is a member of the Committee for the Organisation of Greek National Day in the positions of Secretary, Treasurer etc.

Until this day the Mavraganis couple are still offering their services to the students of Mt. Waverley and the surrounding areas, as well as the Greek Orthodox Community of Box Hill.

How does the Mavraganis school functions

On Greek school days three hours of tuition with two 15min breaks.

Times and days of Greek tuition are listed above. The curriculum is based on the books supplied by the Education Department in Greece. Students are taught the Greek Grammar (despite the trend these days not to include Grammar), analysis of text in chronological order, history, geography and religious studies.

The annual activities start with Apokries, Monday of Lent (Καθαρά Δευτέρα) with kite flying, march for the Greek Independence Day on March 25th at the Shrine of Remembrance, Easter traditions, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 28th October OXI Day, educational visit to the Oakleigh Precinct and final concert at the end of the school year. We also organise a special dinner for VCE students, as an example one can see the photo above.

Accredited Member of GLACS

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