Nestoras College – Doncaster

Nestoras Overview

Nestoras College was founded in 1975 by two experienced teachers from Greece and has since grown across three campuses to support over 700 students. Nestoras College embraces centuries of Greek culture to provide for not only language studies but also education in Greek traditions and values. All teachers employed by Nestoras College are also fully certified to teach Greek language and culture.

Nestoras Curriculum

Nestoras College is accredited by the Board of Studies for the assessment of Year 11 and Year 12 VCE Greek and over the past 39 years has achieved outstanding results. Our team of qualified and dedicated teachers recognise that each person is an individual and delivers a curriculum that meets the specific needs of our students. Greek traditional dancing is an integral part of the program and all students learn to dance at no additional expense to parents. Special emphasis is placed on organising school festivals and performances where all students participate in order to develop cultural awareness and sense of national pride. In addition to the performing arts, student writings are also celebrated through compilations appearing in a number of publications including the Nestoras College newspaper.

Nestoras Books & Fees

Text books are provided free of charge to Nestoras students. Many of the texts are written and published internally by Nestoras College to meet the needs of our students. Nestoras College is a non-profit educational organisation funded in part by the Australian Government to serve the Greek community. Course fees therefore are very reasonable and affordable. Discount’s apply for families with more than one child studying at our school.

Accredited Member of GLACS

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