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Our member schools are accredited by the Department of Education and Training and the Ethnic Schools Association of Victoria. They’re all not-for-profit organisations who operate in Victoria and hold Greek language and culture classes for students aged from Pre-School years to VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education).

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To become a member of the Association a school has to fill-in the Application form provided here. These details are then examined by the GLACS Executive and they’re responded to within a period of time, depending on when the Executive will meet next.

In order to apply for membership the accredited association must consider these rules:

  • Be an accredited not-for-profit association with the Department of Education and Training
  • Be an independent organisation falling under the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 (No. 20 of 2012) set by the Victorian Government
  • Have a proven track record of teaching Greek language and/or Culture in Victoria
  • Conform to the GLACS Association’s regulations and Constitutional Guidelines.



Educational associations cannot become members of GLACS (Greek Language and Culture Schools) if they do not adhere to the above listed governing prerequisites. GLACS retains the right to refuse membership on the grounds of refusal by the applicant to accept Constitutional regulations and recommendations.