Panhellenic College – Thomastown

Panhellenic College was established in 1991 by The Community of Cypriots of the Northern
Suburbs of Melbourne.

In Panhellenic College our students learn the Greek language in an enjoyable and attractive

Our programme is based on the pedagogical principles of learning by doing, participating and
acquisition of knowledge by the students themselves.

In our school we don’t just teach the Greek language. Our ultimate goal is for our students to
get to know their place of origin, Greece and Cyprus, connect with it and with their ancestors,
learn all about the Greek and Cypriot culture, so they can finally realize the reason why they
are attending Greek school.

Credit to our experienced and dedicated teachers, each school year in Panhellenic College is
an exciting and adventurous wandering in knowledge.

Our programmes incorporate the Australian curriculum and cover all levels from kindergarten
to VCE. A prominent place in our curriculum keeps the teaching of traditional dances from
Greece and Cyprus.

In Panhellenic College, we respect our student’s opinion and value their ideas and suggestions
and we are always trying to form an educational programme based on their special interests
and skills.

Panhellenic College operates every Friday afternoon between 5pm and 8.30 pm at Thomastown
Secondary College, 80-96 Main Street, Thomastown.

Accredited by G. L. A. C. S.

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